• Myanmar has become a new tourist heaven in recently and the tourist scenery has changed remarkably since the first days when the country opened up to international travelers. Here’s our travel guide Myanmar with useful tips and everything you should know for planning your Myanmar travel.

    1. Getting there

    Myanmar Visa: Travelers from 100 countries can apply for an e-visa, which means that you certainly have a visa in advance your travel Myanmar. It takes about 5 working days from applying to receive your visa. It’s valid for a period of up to 28 days staying in Myanmar and costs you US $50.
    Fly in: Yangon is the main point of entry for travel Myanmar with international flights from Chang Mai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Tokyo Singapore and 3 Chinese airports, including Kunming, Guangzhou, and Beijing.

    2. Currency

    Currency is one of the most important points of travel guide to Myanmar you have to pay attention. The local currency of Myanmar is Kyat; however, US dollars are also widely used. The current exchange rate is one dollar for 1,300 kyats. Nevertheless, many Burmese people apply the rate of one dollar against 1,000 kyats in common transactions.
    Some places in Myanmar only accept payments by kyat, which means that you have to bring the local money with yourself. You can change your money for kyat at airports, banks or your hotel/guesthouse. Notice that your banknotes need to be new to easily exchange. If not, they will be refused.
    There are many ATM in big cities such as Yangon and Mandalay, and a few in smaller towns; however, some of them are out of service. Credit cards are only accepted in luxury hotels and large restaurants.

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    3. Price

    Travel Myanmar is considered a little more expensive than that in its neighbor countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, particularly in terms of accommodation.
    The rate for a double room in a luxury hotel is US $200 and more per night. It costs US $25 for double one in a low budget hotel. For a bed in dorm room, you have to pay US $10. Make sure that in high season you book your room at least a month in advance not to bear the too high price.
    The price of food and drink, in contrast, is more affordable, especially in street stalls and small local restaurants. With US $10 per day, you will be served quite generous meals with delicious traditional Burmese dishes. If you want to unwind with beer, it will cost you the US $1.5 – 2.

    4. Dress Conservatively

    As Myanmar is the country of Buddhism, most of the locals dress conservatively and cover their shoulders and legs although it’s hot there. Long skirt, elephant pants, and T-shirts are recommended for visitors, which are suitable to enter religious sites. You should also wear flip flops to easily remove before coming in pagodas. Bring some cleansing wipes for your feet after leaving there.
    The traditional costume of both Burmese men and women is Longy skirt, which is a large piece of fabric wrapping around their body. This unique clothing is a wonderful way to cope with very hot weather in summer in Myanmar, when the temperature may be higher than 40oC.

    5. Local traditions

    When you have your Burma tours, you may be surprised by two predominant local traditions throughout the country: Thanaka painted on girls’ faces and men chewing betel nuts.
    Thanaka is a totally natural cosmetic product, make from bark and serve as a sunscreen. Burmese people consider as miracle powder for beauty, which not only protects their skin from sunlight but it also makes the skin healthier.
    The red stained pavements are a consequence of spitting red colored saliva after chewing betel nuts. You can see people eating betel nuts anywhere and anytime. Smiles with red-dyed lips and teeth have become a very typical image of the Golden Temple Country.

    6. The food is awesome

    Burmese cuisine is a harmonious mixture of Chinese, Indian, Thai and the local quintessence. Fermented tea leaf salad, San noodles, curries and spicy dishes are some of the characteristic ones of the country which are unique and delicious. The first is also mouth-watering and a great, fresh option in most restaurants.
    Some points of travel guide Myanmar for eating: choosing local dishes (as they are appetizing as mentioned above), using chopsticks and telling the staff if you don’t eat something.
    Travel Myanmar is really a wonderful experience but is still quite new to mass tourism so do not expect that everything in Myanmar is as professional as those of the other countries which are very experienced in tourism such as Thailand. Instead of thinking about disadvantage, it’s better for you to remember useful travel guide Myanmar and start your trip to enjoy a charming and pristine Myanmar.

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  • If you are thinking about making your Myanmar luxury travel, accommodation may be one of your most important concerns as it contributes a lot to the whole quality of the trip. For your perfect Myanmar luxury travel, we recommend the list of best top-end hotels in 4 main tourist highlights of Myanmar, consisting of Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake and Mandalay. The list has chosen by the experts of the Daily Telegraph, a prestigious newspaper in the UK.

    1. Belmond Governor's Residence (Yangon)

    This has been the best place to stay in Yangon up to now for your Myanmar travel, where a provincial Burmese governor lived dating back to the 1920s. The silent whirring fans, wide teak verandahs, and open first-floor sitting room create a peaceful heaven in the heart of busy Yangon. At night, the hotel is lit by bamboo torches and candles. 49 bedrooms are top-notch, located in newer, two-storey buildings in a beautiful garden: spacious bathrooms, softly-polished teak floors, and crisp white linen. Breakfast is like a cuisine exhibition, offering various choices of dishes from around the world. If you want to try a sophisticated version of mohinga, the traditional Burmese breakfast of fish noodle soup, the hotel is a great hotel to do that. Another interesting thing is a working ATM in reception, which facilitates your money withdraw and payment.
    Address: 35 Taw Win Road, Dagon Township, Yangon
    Contact: 00 95 1 229 860; governorsresidence.com
    Getting there: take a taxi or hotel car: Yangon Airport transfer by taxi, $12; by hotel car, $50
    Opening times: open all year
    Price: double room from $333.50, including breakfast
    Payment type: credit cards accepted

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    2. Inle Princess Resort (Inle Lake)

    It’s the most luxurious choice for your Myanmar luxury travel to Inle Lake. The hotel comprises 46 very spacious wooden chalets on stilts made by skillful local craftsmen, lined with sheets of woven bamboo and decorated with traditional Burmese textiles. Lake Front View chalets cost more than the others. Food and services are all excellent. Particularly, the spa with three large treatment rooms offers countries views and provides perfect treatments which rejuvenate both your body and soul.
    Address: Magziyin Village, Inle Lake
    Contact: 00 95 81 209 055; inleprincessresort.net
    Getting there: take a taxi or hotel car: Heho Airport transfer by hotel car, $50
    Opening times: open all year
    Price: double room from $210, including breakfast
    Payment type: credit cards accepted

    3. Mandalay Hill Resort (Mandalay)

    In the cosmopolitan city of Mandalay, there is no better choice than Mandalay Hill Resort for your Myanmar luxury travel. The hotel is situated in wonderful landscaped gardens at the foot of Mandalay Hill. The rooms are furnished in international style with very comfortable bed. You should ask a room in the sixth floor to have best views over the Royal Palace and its impressive moat. From the hotel, it’s very convenient to climb through the pagodas on Mandalay Hill and contemplate sunset over the city. Food is amazingly good, particularly the barbecue dinners. However, the lifts are too small, compared to a large number of people using them.
    Address: No 9 Kwin, 10th Street, Mandalay Hill
    Contact: 00 95 2 35638; mandalayhillresorthotel.com
    Getting there: take a taxi or hotel car: Mandalay Airport transfer by hotel car, $40; transfer from boat dock, $40
    Opening times: open all year
    Price: double room from $280, including breakfast
    Payment type: credit cards accepted

    4. Aureum Palace (Bagan)

    There is no doubt that the hotel is currently the best of the luxury ones in Bagan for your Burma tours. It is located by a lake within the Bagan Archaeological Preservation Zone. A majority of its 87 villas and the infinity pool offer views of the magnificent pagoda. You should choose a Jasmine Villa with a private lake view if you can, and avoid the small, dark Deluxe rooms at the back of the hotel. Although the staff here is very helpful, their English capacity is not really good. In the lobby is a useful ATM.
    Address: Min Nanthu Village, Nyaung Oo
    Contact: 00 95 61 60046; aureumpalacehotel.com
    Getting there: take a taxi or hotel car: Bagan Airport transfer by taxi, $7; by hotel car, $10
    Opening times: open all year
    Price: double room from $225, including breakfast
    Payment type: credit cards accepted
    Important note
    The best time to travel in Myanmar is between November and February (of the following year) when the weather is very nice, and it attracts the largest number of tourists. If you travel Myanmar in this period, you should book these hotels at least a month in advance, especially to hotels in Yangon and Mandalay to have good choices with reasonable rates.
    Only if you have chosen really good accommodation is your Myanmar luxury travel happy and perfect. We expect that you will have the best experiences in the hotels.

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  • “How much does it cost to travel in Myanmar?” It seems to be your first concern when planning for a Burma trip. You may hear a lot of rumors that travel in Myanmar is so expensive. In fact, it is not out of reach of the average budget of a traveler if you are willing to relinquish the need for ultimate luxury, expensive and home comforts, and live simply as a local. Here are specific details about the cost of a Burma trip on a budget.


    Burma travel costs about $35 per day on average, include food and drink. The rate of a double room at a low budget hotel is about the US $25. If you make your Myanmar solo travel, a single room whose rate is about five dollars lower than that of a double one may be a better choice. In case you choose a bed in a dorm, you will have to pay only less US $10.a
    The price of food and drink is quite reasonable in local small restaurant and street food stalls. Beer is relatively cheap at about US $2 a bottle. Generally, you will have to pay more or less US $10 per day for food and drink in Myanmar.

    Costs for travel in Myanmar per destination

    The list below contains the main daily costs of popular destinations in Myanmar. The Burma currency is Kyat. The exchange rate between US Dollar and Myanmar Kyat is about one USD against 1,300 Kyat. However, many people will simply round one dollar up to 1,000 kyat in common transactions in Burma.
    Generally, all accommodation rates and means of transport, such as domestic flights and buses are paid in dollar. Kyat is used for everything else such as street snacks, food, tuk tuks and guides.
    For ease of reference, all transactions below are calculated in dollar. The rate of accommodation is for a single room unless otherwise stated.


    Taxi from airport to city center: $10
    Motherland Inn guesthouse per night: $10 (dorm) $25 (room)
    Taxi within city center – average journey: $1.50


    Bus from Yangon to Malaymine: $10
    Tuk tuk to guesthouse: $1
    Breeze Guesthouse per night: $25 (shared by 2)
    Moto driver guide / moto hire: $7


    Bus from Malaymine to Dawei: $13
    Tuk tuk to guesthouse: $1
    Coconut Bungalows Guesthouse per night: $20 (shared by 2)
    Hire of moto for day tour: $7


    Bus from Dawei to Myeik: $6
    Tuk tuk to town centre/guesthouse: $4.50
    Kyal Pyan Hotel per night: $40 (shared by 2)


    Flight from Myeik to Yangon: $140
    Motherland Inn guesthouse per night: $10 (dorm) $25 (room)


    Bus from Yangon to Kalaw: $11
    Golden Lily Guesthouse per night: $7
    Three day, two night trek to Inle Lake: $50

    Inle Lake

    Aquarius Inn Guesthouse per night: $12 (single rate)
    Full day boat tour: $15 (per boat)


    Bus from Inle Lake to Bagan: $11
    New Park Guesthouse per night: $20 (single rate)


    Bus from Bagan to Mandalay: $9
    Nylon Hotel: $20 (shared by 2)


    Bus from Mandalay to Hsipaw: $6
    Mr Charles Guesthouse: $10 (single) $7 (shared by 2)
    Half day trek / half day boat trip: $18

    Pyin Oo Lywn

    Train from Hsipaw to Pyin Oo Lywn: $3

    Golden Dream Guesthouse: $7 (shared by 2)


    Bus from Pyin Oo Lywn to Mandalay: $1.50
    Nylon Hotel: $15 (single rate)
    Transfer bus to Mandalay airport: $4
    The cost of your travel in Myanmar completely depends on your choices in the trip. The expenses we mentioned above are estimated for budget travel Myanmar, which may be very useful for you if you want to have an economical and reasonable Burma trip.

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  • How to travel Myanmar? It will be certainly a very difficult question if you have no idea or experience about Myanmar. The Land of Golden Temples has become more and more familiar with tourists all over the world, making them enchanted by its stunning natural landscapes, majestic religious sites, and rich culture. Here’s the list of handy thing you should know before your Myanmar travel so that making your trip is easier.

    1. Money, Exchange and ATM’s in Myanmar

    You can exchange dollars into Myanmar Kyat in a local bank or at the airport, your hotel or guesthouse. It’s better for you to know that only brand new dollar bills or at least the one which is uncreased and unmarked are accepted in exchange. You should bring cash with yourself because ATM machines are not popular in Myanmar. Although there are many ones in Yangon and less one in small towns, you hardly find them in rural areas.
    When you travel to Myanmar, notice that dollars are usually used for paying for some means of transport, such as internal flights and your accommodation. Everything else such as street snacks, food, tuk-tuks, and guides are paid for in kyat.

    2. Travel to Myanmar is not expensive

    It will cost about $30-$40 a day on average, including your transport and accommodation. Travel Myanmar could be really expensive in case you choose to stay in upmarket hotels and eat at expensive establishments.

    3. When to travel in Myanmar

    Popularly, high season in Myanmar is from November to February (of the following year) when it’s warm, and attracts the greatest number of travelers. In this period, you have to book your accommodation long advance and the price is very high.
    In the low season (the rest of year), there are limited numbers of tourist. You can book your room more easily with a better price. The fees for other tourist services are also more pleasant. However, you should be aware that your travel to Myanmar in this time may be awful if you cannot stand the hot weather with the temperature of up to 40 °C

    4. Accommodation

    Hotel price in Myanmar is considered expensive, compared to that of neighbor countries. You will have to pay at least 25 USD for a standard double room (with only minimum amenities). In major cities such as Yangon and Mandalay, most hotels are all booked up as far as a month in advance. It’s predicted that the shortage of accommodations for tourists will continue in the ten next year.
    A more affordable choice for you is staying in a dorm room. In rural areas of Myanmar, a number of monasteries may accept visitors for a small fee.

    5. Getting off the beaten track in Myanmar

    When you travel Myanmar, you will always advise visiting 4 main tourist highlights of Myanmar, including Yangon (the biggest city), Bagan (the former capital), Mandalay (the second biggest and cosmopolitan city) and In Lake (the world natural wonder). It’s undeniable that they are totally worth visiting. However, there are more wonderful places in Myanmar than those. Therefore, get off the beaten track to discover mysterious lands of Myanmar such as the western Chin State and the far reaches of the southern Tenasserim region and Mon State. Notice that you have to apply for a government visa in advance to enter these places.

    6. Bus journeys in Myanmar

    Bus journeys will be an experience you have hardly forgotten when you are having your Burma tours. Buses are everywhere and can take you to almost parts of the country where tourism is permitted. Bus journeys are long, sometimes 10-12 hours. Night buses may take you to your destination at 3 or 4.am. Never ask a driver about the arrival time as it’s believed in the belief system of Nats (spirits) that asking when you will arrive at a destination conjures up bad spirits and is taken seriously.

    7. The internet is very slow

    Although wifi is free at most hotels and guesthouse, its slow speed can make you crazy. More terribly, it does not work sometimes.

    8. Learning the Burmese language

    The two most important Burmese words you should always learn are “thank you” and “hello”:
    Hello: Ming-gu-la-bah
    Thank you: Jay-zu-de-bar-dee
    Replying the locals by their own mother language is not only polite but also well-received. You may see most locals giggle in response. It does not mean that are not mocking you; they are just not expecting it.
    These 8 things above may help you answer the question, “How to travel Myanmar?” Remember those to become a smart traveler Myanmar, and have a favorable and interesting trip.

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  • If you have planned for a Myanmar trip, travel agencies are willing to offer you a variety of travel & tour in Myanmar. Choosing a package tour is, of course, a good idea, particularly in case you are a non-experienced traveler. However, if you are a woman who loves freedom as well as independence, and a spirit of adventure, you may think about making solo female travel Myanmar. In this case, we recommend some safety tips to you so that your trip is really safe and happy.


    Generally, making solo female travel Myanmar is quite safe. There are few records of personal attack and sexual assault to foreigners in Burma. International travelers are almost completely secure in the areas they are allowed to visit. Nevertheless, it’s hardly certain that there is no risk to you if you make your solo female travel Myanmar. The following will be a useful pocket for you.
    Get fit: Women are not commonly high appreciated in their strength while traveling is quite hard. It will take you a lot of every when walking around with a huge bag on your back. As a result, doing exercise before your Burma trip is necessary in order to not only improve the quality of your travels as you can do more without being tired but also improves your chances of warding off attackers. Even you are on your solo female travel Myanmar, do exercise regularly to feel better and having more energy.
    Dress down: A scantily clad female draw men’s attention so much. Although women in a beautiful and sexy dress are usually praised, you must consider your locations and its norms. Standing out in a place still unfamiliar to you is not a good idea. In terms of culture, Myanmar is the country of Buddhism, where too short outfits or bare shoulders are considered offensive. If you do not attract some unwanted attention or accusing looks when having Myanmar travel, put on shirts with long sleeves or dresses covering over your knees.
    Overt Attention: Like dressing down, it’s better for you to avoid any actions which will draw more attention to you, such as saying loud in public places, wearing precious jewelry or showing off too much money. As a solo female traveler, you may attract some unruly characters if your actions draw too much attention.
    Stay Alert: It’s a good idea for you to be aware of your surroundings and your belongings. If anyone stops you on the street, check to make sure that they do not try to put you off the scent for pickpockets. If you bring a lot of bags with you at the bus station, connect them to each other. Solo female travelers often become the gray of theft more than man or people traveling in a group.
    Don’t Over Drink: In fact, you will have little chances to over drink when you are having Burma tours as there are very few bars and only in big cities in Burma. However, if you are dropping in these bars, know your limits. Do not try to get pressured into imbibing more than you can. In addition, do not take drinks from people who are strange to you since you never know what might be in it.
    Group walk: Making friends with solo female travelers like you is very useful advice. You should walk in a group, especially in evening. Remember that a foreign girl walking alone may draw a lot of unwanted attention.
    Religious site approach: Women are not allowed to approach some particular parts at a number of religious sites. For example, they cannot touch the golden rock at the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda although they are free to move around it. Moreover, you can have friendly conversations with monks but avoid physically contacting with them.
    It’s expected that traveling should the same between men and women. However, a world of cultural differences leads to the truth that women must always have more guard. Remember the tips mentioned above so that your solo female travel Myanmar is really safe and successful.

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