• The ancient capital of Bagan is a mysterious land where visitors must visit during their Burma tours. The specialties of the region testify to the wealth of Burmese cuisine. There are many addresses of cheap Bagan restaurants that are known not only by the local population but also by tourists in Burma, for example the Queen Restaurant, Harmony BBQ, Golden Emperor, etc. A common point among these famous restaurants is that their dishes are delicious and the price is really affordable. What more?
    Addresses of delicious and cheap restaurants in Bagan, Myanmar

    1. Queen Restaurant - Best restaurant in Bagan, Myanmar

    • Address: Bagan-Nyuang U, Bagan
    • Telephone: 6160176
    • Opening hours: 08:00 h to 22:00 h

    Queen Restaurant in Bagan
    This famous restaurant in Bagan Myanmar offers extremely varied menus with different types of dishes, including Asian, European or Thai. Of course, do not forget the traditional Burmese dishes such as green tea salad, green tomato salad, Shan rice, etc.

    The restaurant draws many tourists to Bagan, Myanmar
    This restaurant is very spacious, airy, so it is an eating place not to be left out during your Bagan tour. Here are reference prices of some typical dishes that represent the Burmese gastronomy in this restaurant:
    • Traditional Myanmar Salad: 1,000 kyats
    • Grilled chicken: 5,000 kyats
    • Roast duck: 5,500 kyats
    • Pizza with Tomato, Cheese and Mushroom: 5,500 kyats
    • Carbonara spaghetti: 4,000 kyats
    • Grilled chicken in pieces (5 pieces): 5.000 kyats
    • Myanmar beer: 1,800 kyats
    • Tiger beer: 2,000 kyats
    • Fruit juice: 1,000 kyats
    • Smoothie: 1500-2000 kyats
    • Beef Steak: 6,500 kyats
    *** Note: The national currency used in Myanmar is kyat, pronounced "chat", with an exchange rate: $ 1 = 1,200 kyats.

    2. Golden Emperor – The great restaurant in the ancient capital of Bagan

    • Address: On the main road Nyaung Oo of Bagan, Wet Kyi Inn Qr, Bagan.
    • Opening hours: 08:00 h to 22:00 h.

    Golden Emperor – The great tasty restaurant in the former capital Bagan
    The Golden Emperor Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Bagan, Myanmar. Here you have a multitude of choices of both international and Burmese gastronomy. The dishes are extremely rich and varied. The atmosphere in the restaurant is quiet. It is an ideal place to relax after an exhausting day spent exploring the ancient capital. Here are some delicious but cheap foods in this typical restaurant of Bagan:
    • Russian salad: 2,500 kyats
    • Myanmar Chicken Salad: 3500 kyats
    • Carbonara, bolognese pasta: 4,000 kyats
    • Burgers: 4,000 kyats
    • Chinese Roasted Duck: 5,000 kyats
    • Steak: 7.000 kyats
    • Hawaiian Pizza: 5,000 kyats
    • Cream soup (vegetable): 1,500 kyats

    3. BBQ Harmony – The restaurant known for its grilled courses in Bagan, Myanmar

    • Address: Bagan, Myanmar
    • Telephone: 09444004288
    • Opening hours: 9:30 am to 10:00 pm

    A restaurant specializing in barbecues in Bagan, Myanmar
    As its name suggests, this restaurant specializing in grilled products is one of the cheapest ones in Bagan. It is the choice of the majority of tourists who go there. Grilled meat and fish on skewers here are delicious, but the price remains very affordable. You only need to spend 1000 to 3000 kyats to have a good meal. The kebabs are made from pork, beef, lamb, seafood and typical vegetables of Myanmar. It is an opportunity to sample the Burmese gastronomy.
    Another good thing about this good cheap restaurant in Bagan is the whole staff, made up of very handsome, smiling, enthusiastic and charming men.

    4. Golden Myanmar - A well-known address of the local population in Bagan, Myanmar

    • Address: Nyaung Road, Bagan
    • Opening hours: 09:00 h to 22:00 h

    Golden Myanmar Restaurant
    Located in a very convenient location and close to many attractive sights in the ancient capital of Bagan, Myanmar, Golden Myanmar Restaurant serves traditional dishes with bold flavors of the Burmese cuisine. Travelers in Myanmar can eat à la carte or choose a buffet. The price of a buffet at the restaurant is about 3,000 kyats / person. The favorite drink here is lemonade, served at the price of 500 kyats / glass. But it is necessary to remind you that the dishes in a buffet in Myanmar are mainly made from pork, beef, soup and salad as in Vietnam, but there is a lot of oil and curry flavor. If you are traveling to Bagan and can not eat curry, do not try the buffet.
    For a perfect Myanmar travel, you should inquire via other sources of information. The Burmese gastronomy is very rich and tasty. These addresses of cheap Bagan restaurants are just a small part of the countless addresses of reputable restaurants in the old capital of Bagan in Myanmar. Add yourself to other places by making your own tour in Burma; you will see the country in a very different view.


    Source: http://ancharm-myanmar.com/travel-guide/cultural-experience/best-address-cheap-bagan-restaurants/

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  • Myanmar is one of the ideal destinations for travelers all over the world. Making a trip to Myanmar, tourists will immerse themselves not only in poetic natural landscapes but also in the mysterious beauty of the sacred land of Buddhism. In addition, they will certainly appreciate the richness and diversification of the Burmese gastronomy. Typical and traditional dishes of Burmese cuisine include cakes and snacks that bear a unique character of the culinary culture in Myanmar.

    During your tours in Burma, you should not miss traditional Myanmar dishes such as Shan rice, Baung Doke – grilled fish wrapped in banana leaves, Susie kyethar Kyaw - roasted chicken with salt and chili, Thohk lahpet salad – a mixture of or green vegetables and fresh tea leaves always served at main meals, Mohinga - fish noodles at breakfast on special occasions, and many other curry dishes cooked with fruits, seafood, pork, chicken and lamb. In particular, the delicious cakes are not to be missed in order to better understand the Burmese cuisine.

    Delicious cakes draw tourists' attention in Myanmar

    At every meal in Myanmar, apart from the main dishes, the locals take cakes for dessert. In all tea parlors in Burma you will easily see that there is always a plate of cakes available on the table to enjoy with hot tea or coffee. It is an interesting culinary practice of the Burmese. It can be said that these delicious cakes are one of the typical characteristics of the Burmese cuisine.

    Eat delicious cakes with a cup of tea

    Every morning, people in Myanmar usually eat a piece of cake made from rice flour and eggs, or a piece of grilled chapati served with cooked peanuts and white beans, while enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee. Some people take a piece of Paratha cake sprinkled with sugar while others eat donuts that resemble the donuts of Western countries. These donuts are particularly delicious with coconut fibers and kumquats jam.
    During your Myanmar travel, you will see many types of donuts. They are very similar to green bean fritters in southern Vietnam. In case these cakes are offered in luxury restaurants in Myanmar, they are decorated much more attractively with a little nuts or raisins.

    Eye-catching and delicious cakes

    According to the traditional recipes of the Burmese cuisine, most cakes in Myanmar are made from sticky rice flour or wheat flour, and sometimes these types of flour are mixed together. In Myanmar, people usually make savory biscuits. They often mix the flour with garlic, onion or ginger powder to obtain a strong flavor when cooking. Moreover, they also mix flour with coconut fibers, tomatoes, cabbages, herbs, curry powder or with sesame seeds to make different kinds of cakes which are extremely delicious and eye-catching.
    A tray of cakes often contains several components such as laphet or green tea leaves soaked in oil, served with sesame seeds, dried garlic, peanuts, coconut and some crispy cakes which resemble Vietnamese shrimp fritters but containing only vegetarian materials.
    When you make a trip to Myanmar, you can be invited to taste this tray of cakes. In particular, monks in Myanmar often offer a laphet plateau to the guests during their visit to the temples.
    Admiring the sunset in this mysterious country while enjoying a cup of tea next to a tray of delicious pastries, or strolling through the streets to enjoy savory cakes will be great moments during your Burma tours.

    This type of cake is often to be tasted when visiting temples or inhabitants’.
    trip to Myanmar is a great opportunity to discover the gastronomy that is both authentic and tasty. Cakes with unique flavors testify to the characteristics of the Burmese cuisine as well as to the rich culinary culture of Myanmar. Do not forget to enjoy your tours in Burma to taste these fascinating dishes. There is nothing more wonderful.

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  • When talking about Bagan food, many people say that they don’t know what to eat in Bagan, Myanmar. This question is also a puzzle for those who are making a trip to Myanmar for the first time. So today it is a good opportunity to present you delicious dishes in Burma.

    The gastronomy of Bagan in Myanmar is not as rich and diverse as that of Vietnam. However, under the magical hands of the people here, the people managed to invent tasty and fascinating dishes. We have chosen for you good addresses where you can fully enjoy the culinary flavors of the land of golden temples during your Burma tours.

    Enjoy the extremely tasty gastronomy during your trip to Bagan, Myanmar

    BBQ Harmony - the most famous restaurant in Bagan, Myanmar

    If you are looking for a delicious and cheap restaurant in Bagan, BBQ Harmony will undoubtedly be an interesting address. The restaurant has everything to please you. You will certainly be surprised by its rich, delicious and appetizing menu. In addition, the staff here is really nice and enthusiastic. You can discover the Burmese cuisine at an affordable price. Indeed, a barbecue meal in this restaurant costs between 1,000 and 3,000 kyats (about 0.7- 2.1 USD). It is a restaurant that serves grilled dishes such as pork, beef and lamb skewers, as well as other varieties of seafood and vegetables. Coming here, customers will realize that servers only start cooking when customers have made their choice. Visitors can take or eat Bagan food on site. Depending on the experience of many tourists, it is recommended to eat on site as it is an outdoor restaurant. You can enjoy good food, while discussing and witnessing the process of cooking.

    Queen Restaurant - Enjoy a culinary world tour in Bagan, Myanmar

    Located in the old town of Nyaung-U, this restaurant is luxurious, comfortable and cozy. In this restaurant you can easily find many dishes from Asia, Europe, China, Thailand and the traditional Burmese cuisine. Good food, friendly staff and a reasonable price are the advantages which explain its success. Queen Restaurant is the ideal place of eating for tourists on their Myanmar travel.
    Good-quality and cheap restaurants in Bagan, Myanmar
    The popular restaurants here are rather tasty and cheap. They are usually located on Wetkyi In, Nyaung-U Road, close to the Harmony BBQ. Here you will be served typical dishes such as Queen Restaurant. Nevertheless, these are vegetarian dishes. If you are a vegetarian or just want to enjoy a healthy and balanced meal, these Burmese restaurants await you. The Golden Emperor is one of the typical addresses of the city. Moreover, during your trip to Bagan, Myanmar, you can visit the Moon restaurant to enjoy the Burmese gastronomy with delicious traditional dishes. The cream dishes well prepared by the chefs are very famous. This restaurant is also located next to the Golden Emperor Restaurant and near the famous Ananda Temple.

    Golden Myanmar (Myanmar Food House) - Enjoy the buffet in the way of Bagan

    Enjoying a buffet in the way of the people in Bagan, Myanmar will be a very interesting experience. By going there, tourists will enjoy delicious and unique Bagan food for only 3,000kyats. This award, which includes even the price of drinks, is quite attractive to discover the richness of the Burmese gastronomy. A traditional buffet in Bagan, Myanmar often includes pork, beef, soup, salads and traditional Myanmar dishes. When you finish a dish, employees will automatically bring you a new one.
    This information may be useful for those who want to make a trip to Bagan, Myanmar. They provide us with good addresses to discover the Burmese cuisine. However, these restaurants are just a small part of the local gastronomy. For a successful trip to Myanmar, it is important to check with professional travel agencies.




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  • Drinking tea in Myanmar is not as difficult as that in Japan. In Burma, drinking tea is simply a lifestyle of local people. The people of Myanmar consume tea on a daily and customary basis. Indeed, this culinary practice is a part of their daily life. Tea is a ubiquitous drink that plays an important role in Burmese cuisine. Do not forget to enjoy tea like the real Burmese when you make a trip to Myanmar.

    In the northern plateaus of the country, along the Ayerwaddy River, or in the north of the Shan, Chin and Kachin regions, tea trees grow quickly and guarantee abundant harvests thanks to good climatic conditions. In addition, tea from these regions also has a fresh and unique taste. Organic farming methods without fertilizers also make tea have an exceptional flavor. Thus, it is not surprising for visitors to see the green tea trays in the north.

    Tea in Myanmar, a delicious drink

    Tea is a drink that is deeply connected to the daily life of local people. The Burmese are not only addicts to betel but also to tea. In the cultural tradition of the Myanmar people in general and in the Burmese cuisine in particular, tea plays an important role. This is proved by the fact that tea is one of popular offerings in temple festivals. Indeed, tea leaves are offered to the Gods during prayers hoping to have good auguries.
    In everyday life, people in Myanmar have kept their habit of drinking tea. You can meet tea stands at every street corner. During your Myanmar travel, you will see local people drinking tea in the morning or at sunset.
    There are many kinds of tea. When you arrive here, you can choose a cup of milk tea with a sweet taste, or enjoy a cup of bitter tea or many types of mixed tea. Cakes are often good choices to accompany tea. For the Burmese, it is natural to drink tea while enjoying small biscuits, buns or Parata cakes.

    Making a trip to Myanmar, you will see many tea shops along roads. After a day of exhausting strolls, visitors to Myanmar will be able to stop at a sidewalk restaurant to enjoy a cup of tea and watch the beautiful faces painted with Thanakha powder. It is also an opportunity to learn why tea is preferred in Burma. Drinking tea naturally coexists with other culinary practices of Myanmar people, as something natural in the local lifestyle which is relaxed and peaceful.
    trip to Myanmar gives you the opportunity to visit different types of tea shops in major cities such as Yangon or Mandalay or in small villages on Inle Lake and in Bagan. Among them is one of the most modern tea shops in Yangon called Rangoon Teahouse, which also serves steamed ravioli and famous coconut noodles (ono Kaew SOI) that everyone should try at least once.

    Drinking tea - a daily culinary practice of the Burmese

    In Myanmar, tea is not only a drink to accompany snacks but also used in preparing meals. Indeed, there is a well-known dish made from tea in rural areas called the Thoke phet - tea leaf salad.
    The tea leaves are laminated together with sesame oil, scallops, garlic, dried shrimp, coconut and ginger, then soaked and fermented. It is a popular dish on the table of the Burmese. For those who want to discover the Burmese cuisine, it is worth tasting. Depending on the personal preferences or culinary culture of each region, there are 2 main styles to make the Thoke phet. In principle, add pepper, lemon, salt and sometimes even vinegar or fish sauce to obtain a salty, sour and spicy taste.
    Yet, the traditional-styled salad uses fewer spices which better retains the strong flavor of fermented tea and is much bitterer.

    trip to Myanmar is an unforgettable experience to discover the Burmese cuisine. In Myanmar, drinking tea is not an art of living as in Japan. However, tea is also play a significant role in the Burmese daily life. It serves both as a drink and an indispensable raw material in the kitchen of Burmese people. Vietnam tea is also very good, but if you make some Burma tours, you can choose the famous Burmese tea as an interesting souvenir.

    Source: http://ancharm-myanmar.com/travel-guide/cultural-experience/drinking-tea-fascinating-burmese-cuisine/

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  • A trip to Myanmar is to explore not only interesting tourist destinations but also the cultural traditions as well as the beauty and generosity of Burmese people. Through tasty and delicious food, you will appreciate the fascinating richness of Burmese cuisine. Here are the top of 5 most famous restaurants in Yangon Myanmar that you should definitely make a trip to Myanmar.

    Since its opening in recent years, Myanmar is considered a potential market for tourism. The number of tourists coming to Myanmar is increasingly greater so that accommodation and catering services are better invested to meet the needs of tourists. Many types of restaurants and hotels grow like mushrooms. During your tours in Yangon Burma, do not miss the opportunity to discover the Burmese cuisine in 5 restaurants listed below.

    1. Pan Swel TAW - Restaurant and cafe

    Swel TAW Pan - Restaurant and café is one of the famous restaurants well-liked by tourists in Burma. Here, one can easily find traditional dishes of the Burmese cuisine such as Shan rice, green tea leaf salad, Shan pasta, etc. The foods and drinks here are also very diverse. You will have a variety of choices depending on your tastes. The restaurant has a clean and airy space. In addition, after the meal, you can enjoy a tea cup in a quiet corner of the restaurant. This restaurant is considered one of the typical restaurants when you visit the city of Yangon in Myanmar.
    Address of the restaurant: 228, Rue Ahlone, Yangon Myanmar

    The restaurant in Yangon has a clean open space and many delicious dishes to choose

    2. L 'Opera Italian Restaurant

    As the name suggests, the L'Opera Restaurant serves Italian dishes with the flavors of the country. There are typical Italian pasta, Italian-style corn porridge, pizzas, etc. In particular, the architecture of this restaurant is unique and impressive. It is the combination of both western and eastern cultures. The attitude of the staff is also another highlight of the restaurant. Servers who are attentive and welcoming guarantee maximum comfort and satisfaction. L'Opera also serves delicious imported wines from Europe. If you want to enjoy the taste of Europe during your Myanmar travel, this restaurant is for you.
    Restaurant Address: 20, Thu Kha Waddy, Yangon, Myanmar.

    Impressive design inside the L'Opera Restaurant

    3. Blue Elephant Restaurant Blue Elephant

    Located in the city of Yangon, the Blue Elephant Restaurant is also an exciting dining place for travelers to Myanmar. In this restaurant, you will fall in love with a selection of the most delicious foods. The food is mainly made up of traditional dishes from the ethnic groups in Burma. Typical dishes are tea salad, Myanmar curry, Shan rice dishes, noodles with tofu, etc. You will appreciate the rich Burmese cuisine in the green space of this restaurant.
    Restaurant Address: 519 (A), Pyay Street, Thirimingalar Lane, Yangon, Myanmar

    The simplicity of some restaurants in Yangon brings a familiar intimacy to tourists.


    4. Le Planteur Restaurant & Bar

    This restaurant is located near the Nikko Hotel. It is considered a luxury restaurant reserved for rich locals and visitors. The menu of this restaurant is extremely diverse, from ethnic cuisine to dishes all over the world. On your way, you can freely choose the food with different flavors. The restaurant is designed and decorated quite impressively; the harmonious layout brings a real attraction for tourists. Being considered the ideal place for affluent people, the restaurant also has a bar to satisfy the need of the visitors. It is a dynamic destination and promises many interesting things for travelers to Yangon, Burma.
    Restaurant Address: Rue Sein, near Hotel Nikko, Yangon, Myanmar

    5. 50th Stress Bar and Grill

    The restaurant is located in the vibrant city center of Botataung Township in Yangon. But here the restaurant brings a relaxed, friendly as if you were in your own home. The colors of this restaurant are warm and natural. The layout inside the restaurant is also very interesting with a huge bar, surrounded by stools and a selection of newspapers and magazines. It is considered one of the typical and interesting restaurants in Yangon.
    Address of the restaurant: 9/13 Rue Oth, Botahtaung TSP, Yangon, Burma

    50th Stress Bar and Grill
    If you have the opportunity to make a trip to Yangon in Myanmar, you can dine in the popular restaurants to enjoy delicious dishes that testify to the authenticity and appetite of the Burmese cuisine. Diving into this journey of culinary discovery, you will create your own unforgettable experiences in Burma.

    See more: Myanmar tours

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