• Since Myanmar opened up after five decades of military rule, tourists all over the world have flocked to the “Golden Land” to explore unspoiled beaches, primeval jungle, and majestic temples. The beauty of Myanmar has been remained concealed and gloriously untouched. However, it’s hardly avoidable that the wave of mass tourism may destroy it in the futures. Therefore, if you want to visit a pristine Myanmar, you should immediately travel Myanmar 2017. Here are more reasons why you should have a Myanmar travel this year.

    1. It’s cheap

    It’s not totally true as you pay more a little when travel Myanmar compared to other neighbor countries. Nevertheless, travel in Myanmar 2017 is certainly much cheaper than western trips. In spite of remarkably increasing numbers of visitors which results in the shortage of accommodation, you can find budget-friendly hostels dotted around the country for an average rate of 25 USD per night. A bed in a dorm costs only approximately $10. In terms of food and drink, the price is very affordable, particularly in case you choose a traditional Burmese meal.

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    2. The cuisine is unique

    Burmese cuisine is rarely present outside the border of the country, so your Burma trip is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy not only delicious but also healthy food in this country. Burmese is a perfect mixture of Chinese, Thai and Indian ingredients. Some of the famous dishes include Shan Noodles — traditional noodles stir-fried with chicken in bean sauce, vegetables and peanuts; Mohinga — rice noodles in an orange fish sauce; and Onnokauswe — noodles simmered in coconut milk. The Burmese are particularly interested in curries and spicy soups. If you travel Myanmar, you will feel like that you are in the paradise of appetizing dishes.

    3. It has stunning islands and beaches

    The coastline of Myanmar stretches over 2,000 km, consisting of hundreds of beaches. Among of them, Ngpali Beach is considered as the most beautiful one with white sands and palm-lined shores. In the picturesque scenery of sunset, you can comfortably unwind, rest and watch the fishermen return to the shores after a long journey. Besides, Burma has plenty of other untouched beaches, islands, and coves.

    4. The people are incredibly kind

    Kind, friendly and hospitable is adjective always given to Burmese people by international visitors. Generally, the locals are not only friendly to foreigners, but they are interested in showing you around their wonderful country. If you travel Myanmar 2017, you will find that you are often approached by the locals just they want to have a warm conversation with you to practice English!

    5. It offers real adventure

    If you love hiking, you won’t find a lusher landscape than the beaten paths of Burma’s jungle-clad limestone peaks, closed with hidden monasteries and relics of a lost time. Most visitors choose a two-day trip of trekking around the villages of Inle Lake, but for a real experience, go deep into the South to Hp-Pan or Shan highlands, where you can find the spectacular views.

    6. It’s the homeland of thousands of majestic pagodas

    Myanmar is well-known for glided golden temples and pagodas, which you can find throughout the country. It’s just the ancient city of Bagan which has more than 2200 temples and pagodas. Ì When you travel Myanmar 2017, do not miss Shwedagon Pagoda (Yangon) - the most sacred and impressive Buddhist site for locals; Golden Rock Pagoda (Kyaiktiyo) - a miracle to many devout Buddhists; and other famous ones.
    One you have visited Myanmar, you may realize that you actually do not need any reason to travel Myanmar, as the country is so beautiful and charming, and the Burmese people are so kind and hospitable. A Burma trip is totally natural to ones who love beauty and kindness.

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  • Myanmar has been the fastest growing backpacking destination in Southeast Asia since the country opened up. Compared to its welcoming neighbors in Southeast Asia, it’s still a more difficult and frustrating place to visit. However, its special charm can attract any traveler getting there. If you want to make your Myanmar travel on a budget, you may wonder how to make your Burma tours itinerary so that your trip is really exciting and economical. As a result, we recommend a popular Myanmar travel route chosen by a large number of backpackers in the world.

    Time needed: ¾ week
    Possible budget: 650 USD
    The general Myanmar travel route: Yagon – Bago – Pyay – Bagan – Inle Lake – Hsipaw - Pyin Oo Lwin – Mandalay

    Yangon (3/4 days)

    In your Myanmar travel itinerary, Yangon should be the first stop as it’s the largest city and main economic centre in Myanmar. Under British, Chinese and Indian influences, the city has its intriguing history and unique culture. You can visit wonderful pagodas and religious sites, as well as the house of Aung San Suu Kyi where she had stay for many years under house arrest.
    Recommended accommodation: 20th Street Hostel, Yangon
    Getting from Yangon to Bago: By bus or train

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    New (1 day)

    You can travel to Bago as a day trip from Yangon or stay overnight. Even which way you choose is, you will need to come back to Yangon to continue your journey by catching the train north. Bago is characterized by numerous pagodas; however, if you are not so interested in Buddhist/religious, you can skip this destination as Bagan is far more impressive.
    Getting from Bago to Pyay (In fact, it is Yangon – Pyay route): By train (9 hours), by bus (7 hours) for 4-5 USD

    Pyay (1/2 days)

    Pyay is a small town on the Ayeyarwady River. There’s not a great deal to see there, but its peaceful and tranquil atmosphere is really suitable for a short trip by bike to discover a rarely visited part of Myanmar.
    Getting from Pyay to Bagan: By bus (10-13 USD)

    Bagan (3/4 days)

    Bagan may be the most iconic image of Burma. It has the largest and most extensive collection of Buddhist pagodas, temples, and ruins in the world. In addition to visiting religious sites, you can witness monk and Monkees initiation ceremonies or hire about to discover the river. A day trip to nearby Mount Popa is a good idea to enjoy the freshness of green trees there.
    Getting from Bagan to Inle Lake: by bus
    Bagan – Shwenyaung route: 10 hours for 22 USD
    Bagan - Nuang Shwe route: Departure time at 7.30

    Inle Lake (3 days)

    This is another essential stop on almost every Myanmar travel route. The Inle Lake is one of four most important tourist destinations of Myanmar (along with Yangon, Bagan, and Mandalay). You can explore the stunning natural landscapes and the unique culture of many different tribes who live on the lake. In addition, the Inle Lake is the great place to buy various souvenirs.
    Getting from Inle Lake to Hsipaw (Shwenyaung – Hsipaw): by bus in 12-15 hours for about 11 USD.

    Hsipaw (2/3 days)

    The town is located in a valley, offering some hiking opportunities. It has one of the best markets in Myanmar and is the starting point of the most spectacular rail journeys in the world, which is down to Pyin u Lwin.
    Getting from Hsipaw to Pyin Oo Lwin: by train in about 6 hours.

    Pyin Oo Lwin (2 days)

    From the town, you can visit some local villages of Shan people and some magnificent waterfalls. The town retains a weird British cultural feature with colonial houses and horse and carriages.
    Getting from Pyin Oo Lwin to Mandalay: by train in 5 hours

    Mandalay (2/3 days)

    Mandalay is the wonderful concluding point to your Myanmar travel route. This is the second largest city in Myanmar and although there is not quite as much to do as in Yangon, the city is very famous for the Royal Palace and its cultural diversity. Mandalay is the home to half of the monks in Burma.
    Recommended accommodation: Four Rivers, Mandalay
    With 8 stopovers, the Myanmar travel route for backpackers we recommended has covered most of the main tourist highlights in Burma, and it’s also quite convenient to follow. However, you can absolutely plan your Myanmar travel in a very different route, as long as it is suitable to your conditions.

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  • Myanmar is well known as the “beautiful sleeping girl” among the noisy and chaotic Indochina. It remains the charm of yesteryear with tranquil rural areas, ancient pagodas and temples and the beauty of the natural scenery in the peaceful atmosphere. Knowing the following will make you understand better about Myanmar, and therefore your Myanmar travel tour may be more interesting and perfect.

    1. The New Year celebration last 4 days

    The New Year (Thingyan) is a great holiday to the Burmese. "Thingyan" is known as the Water Festival, usually held in April every year. On this day, all units, including banks, restaurants, shops, are closed. Two cities where the greatest water festivals take place are Yangon (30 km from Martaban Bay) and Mandalay (716 km north of Yangon). During the festival, people often splash water to each other to wash away the bad luck and sins of the previous year and set free for birds and fish on the last day of the festival.

    2. Myanmar has hundreds of beaches

    Myanmar has a coastline of up to 2,000 km. Most of the beaches here face the west, so visitors can admire the magnificent sunset on the sea. The most famous beach is Ngapali with white sandbank stretching over 3 km, located just 45 minutes from Yangon, or pristine Ngwe Saung beach, also called Silver Sea, just 5 hours driving from Yangon, The sand bank stretches 13 km, and it is considered the longest beach in Asia. In your Myanmar travel tour, going to these beaches for relaxation will be surely a wonderful experience.

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    3. Bring cash with you

    Myanmar has very few ATMs; as a result, it’s better for you to bring a fair amount of cash during your Myanmar travel tour. Make sure that your banknotes are not torn, crumpled or have any strange mark. If not, they will be refused in transactions. Credit cards are currently only accepted at upmarket hotels and large restaurants.

    4. Hotel price is 'exorbitant'

    Room rates in Myanmar have increased remarkably over the last years as businessmen and tourists have flocked into Myanmar since the country opened up. A standard double room at big cities such as Mandalay can cost you at least 40 USD per night. The number of visitors has soared while the number of rooms remains the same, which results in the escalating prices. Many new hotels are under construction but need time to complete. It’s anticipated that hotel shortage in Myanmar will continue for another 10 years.
    However, many hotels are rapidly expanding, upgrading to not miss the opportunity to provide a great number of accommodations for visitors. They do extensive construction and repair but simultaneously welcome guests as usually. Therefore, before booking room for your Myanmar travel, you should check carefully whether the hotel is doing any construction or not to make your stay far away from the site.


    5. Burmese men’s traditional costume is skirt

    When you are in your Myanmar travel, you may be surprised by Burmese men wearing skirts. Indeed, Burmese traditional attire for both men and women here is "longyi" skirt, which is a large piece of fabric wrapping around the body. However, men and women wear it in different ways. For men, the piece of fabric will be tied at the front while it will be folded and sewn to a side to women.
    Particularly, the Burmese men in cities only put on underwear under longyi skirts when traveling on streets. In rural areas, wearing underwear is less common with both men and women. To the Burmese, "Longyi is a very effective way to withstand the hot weather in Myanmar, especially in the summer with the temperatures up to 40 ° C.

    6. Strange eating habits

    If you are making your Myanmar travel tour, do not forget that you are only allowed to eat with your right hand there, because according to Burmese culture, left hand is only for personal hygiene activities.
    A typical meal in Myanmar consists of rice, fish, meat, vegetables and soup. Burmese people often use their hands to roll the rice into small balls and then eat with vegetables. You should be aware that Buddhists often do not eat beef, and Muslims do not eat pork in Myanmar.
    A Myanmar travel tour will be the great opportunity to discover a charming Myanmar with its unique culture. The above information may be very useful for your Burma tours. If you trip are arranged by Myanmar travel tour companies, do not hesitate to require some brochures or ask the tour guide to better understand about the beautiful country.

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  • Myanmar is a ‘gateway’ South East Asian country with its own distinct cultural characteristics and spectacular scenery, which attracts a great number of visitors every year. If you are planning for a Burma trip, it will be essential for you to ensure that your health would be well protected in the trip. As a result, we want to provide some general advice on Myanmar travel vaccinations that may be recommended for you before your Myanmar travel.

    Hepatitis A

    Hepatitis A is a common disease all over the world, which can be passed on through contaminated food or water while you are in your Myanmar travel. You should get vaccinated against Hepatitis A before leaving your country.


    Typhoid is also present in Myanmar, and you may be infected by Typhoid virus through drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated food. It will be highly recommended for you to get the vaccine against this disease if you traveling to rural areas, visit relatives and friends in Myanmar, or if you want to try local food not to be guaranteed.


    Among Myanmar travel vaccinations recommended, the vaccine against Malaria should be your first concern as Malaria transmitted to humans by mosquito bite, and mosquitoes are very common in various areas of Myanmar, especially the border ones around Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. You can apply east protections against mosquito bite such as using a mosquito net, wearing long, loose clothing and using repellent.
    Avoiding mosquito bites, or at least minimizing the number of bites, will also help you avoid other mosquito-borne illnesses such as Japanese Encephalitis and dengue fever that may also be very common over Myanmar.

    Japanese Encephalitis

    Japanese Encephalitis is a flu-like virus, which can become very serious. If your Myanmar travel lasts over one month, especially taking place during particular times of the year (the virus ‘transmission season’), or if you visiting rural areas, staying outdoors or going camping/hiking etc, this vaccine may be recommended for you.


    Rabies does exist in Myanmar and can infect travelers via stray dogs, bats or other mammals. The following groups of travelers are recommended to have the rabies vaccine before their Burma tours – as they could have a higher risk of contracting Rabies via a bite:
    - Travelers participate in outdoor and other activities (such as hiking, camping, adventure travel, biking, and caving).
    - People who will work around or with animals.
    - People who take their long Burma trip.

    Quick travel notes

    Besides being concerned with the mentioned Myanmar travel vaccinations, it’s better for you to pay attention to the following notes in your Myanmar trip.
    - Ensure you are up to date with childhood vaccinations
    - Avoid mosquito bites where possible
    - Practice proper food safety and hygiene such as drinking boiled or bottled water, hand washing and eating in cleaner looking restaurants when possible
    We expect that the advice on Myanmar travel vaccinations may be useful for you so that your Burma trip will be really safe and interesting.

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  • Burma trip will be the great opportunity for you to discover the stunning natural landscapes, magnificent ancient religious sites and the rich culture in the Golden Temple Country. Traveling yourself is certainly an interesting experience. In case you have never gone to Myanmar before and had little travel experience, choosing Myanmar travel packages may be the better choice. However, before choosing a tour, you should pay attention to the following to make your Myanmar travel comfortable, fun and exciting.

    Choose to buy Myanmar travel packages in prestigious travel agencies

    When choosing to buy a tour, you should not only care about the price but also pay more attention to the reputation of travel agencies, means of transportation and itinerary. In addition, you can ask your relatives or friends who have used the service of the agency you are intending to book the tour for their assessment about that agency.

    Seize the opportunity to reduce the price

    Before deciding to book Myanmar travel packages, you need to thoroughly explore the promotions that travel agencies offer.
    In order to capture these opportunities, you should regularly update the promotion information on the websites of travel agencies and compare prices among companies for the best choice.

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    Ask the price carefully

    When you have decided to choose a tour, you should call the agency to inquire about the attached conditions, such as how much free time you have and what are free of charge, especially the details on accommodation and eating, whether the price include everything or not. Notice that many destinations in Myanmar require entrance fees; as a result, you should ask whether these fees are included in the cost of the tour or not.

    Know the schedule like the back of your hand

    When booking a tour, you need to find out about the schedule of the tour to consider whether it suits your wishes and requirements or not. In addition, it will be better for you to learn a little about the destinations you will visit such as its history or taboos there, which will make your Burma trip more interesting and perfect.

    Make friends with the guide

    Tour guides are very knowledgeable about destination terrain, local culture, food, scenery, etc, and will give you useful advice. Do not hesitate to ask for more information from the tour guide; they will be happy to answer your questions, such as where to eat well and cheap, where to buy affordable and unique souvenirs or which place you should come and not come.

    Watch for getting lost

    Most travelers want to take themselves separate from their travel groups for a certain time to explore their own destinations, go shopping or simply wander around streets. If you have an intention like that in your Myanmar travel, you must ask the phone numbers of your tour guide, your group mate, and bring along some hotel cards before leaving your accommodation.

    Pay attention to the departure time

    In case you are late and cannot get in a car/get on train or plane in time with your group, you have to take responsibility on your own. The whole group will have to wait for you, or worse, they will not wait for you and you have to worry about yourself.
    In addition, you also need to calculate reasonably the date of your Myanmar travel so that your health could be ensured well and your work in days later could not be affected.
    By keeping in your mind the advice given above, we expect that your Myanmar travel packages will be really one of the most memorable experiences in your life.

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